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Speeding Alerts

Speeding drivers have always been an issue as you could never manage your driver in the field. Destiny Tracking has a built in solution that you may use to manage driving speeds in real time. Our Speeding  alert allows you to monitor driving habits of your drivers specifically which drivers tend to have a heavy…
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Temperature Log Alerts

Temperature logs will satisfy the 2015 USDA's FSIS Safety and Security Guidelines and requirements of temperature logs for the transportation of Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products. Our logs show the date, time, temperature of the unit, the address of where the unit was when the temperature rose above/fell below the threshold, and a link to…
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Door Status History / Alerts

Ensuring the integrity of your fleet is always a high priority, but having 100% logged and documented proof of when cargo doors are opened and closed, with locations of events shown on a satellite map, along with the dates and times they were open / closed is an essential tool to help any Loss Prevention…
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