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Mileage Report By State

Destiny Tracking is able to provide the data required by the IFTA to calculate fuel taxes for each state traveled in, and the reports are done for each individual unit, or can be totalled by state, unit, time period, etc. These reports are honline or by Excel .csv download. The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)…
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Dwell Time Reports

Dwell Time reports help you see what it is that your drivers are doing, and how much time they are spending at each location. This helps find drivers who will sit at a location for hours until they are ready to unload/load their cargo, and if these drivers are paid by the hour, those costs…
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Rapid Acceleration Reports

Our devices come equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer sensor which allows us to detect vehicle's Rapid Acceleration, Rough Braking, and Prolonged Idle. All three of these issues cause decreases in fuel efficiency and essentially wastes money. Rapid Acceleration can also cause damage to assets which will drop profits as well. Rough Braking puts extra wear on…
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