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Fuel Consumption

With the high prices of fuel these days, EVERY method should be used to help decrease the fuel consumption of your fleet. Using the Destiny Telematics System, can help you decrease your fuel costs by monitoring idle time, decreasing speeding, using the most efficient routes, and ensuring trucks are not being used for "off hours"…
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Door Status History / Alerts

Ensuring the integrity of your fleet is always a high priority, but having 100% logged and documented proof of when cargo doors are opened and closed, with locations of events shown on a satellite map, along with the dates and times they were open / closed is an essential tool to help any Loss Prevention…
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Route History / Bread Crumb Trail

Real time tracking allows your dispatch center to see where all of your assets are in real time, in that very instant, and updates those locations every 30 seconds. Other companies offer every 1 minute or 5 minute tracking updates. We believe that you need the most up to date data when you need to…
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