• speeding

    Speeding Alerts

    Speeding drivers have always been an issue as you could never manage your driver in the field. Destiny Tracking has a built in solution…

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  • GeoFence Alerts

    GeoFence Alerts

    If a unit is within the geofenced area, and the door is opened, the system runs without notifications, but if the door is opened…

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  • Temperature Log Alerts

    Temperature Log Alerts

    Temperature logs will satisfy the 2015 USDA's FSIS Safety and Security Guidelines and requirements of temperature logs for the transportation of Meat, Poultry, and…

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  • Fuel Consumption

    Fuel Consumption

    With the high prices of fuel these days, EVERY method should be used to help decrease the fuel consumption of your fleet. Using the…

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  • Door Status History / Alerts

    Door Status History / Alerts

    Ensuring the integrity of your fleet is always a high priority, but having 100% logged and documented proof of when cargo doors are opened…

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  • Route History / Bread Crumb Trail

    Route History / Bread Crumb Trail

    Real time tracking allows your dispatch center to see where all of your assets are in real time, in that very instant, and updates…

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  • Mileage Report By State

    Mileage Report By State

    Destiny Tracking is able to provide the data required by the IFTA to calculate fuel taxes for each state traveled in, and the reports…

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  • Dwell Time Reports

    Dwell Time Reports

    Dwell Time reports help you see what it is that your drivers are doing, and how much time they are spending at each location.…

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  • Rapid Acceleration Reports

    Rapid Acceleration Reports

    Our devices come equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer sensor which allows us to detect vehicle's Rapid Acceleration, Rough Braking, and Prolonged Idle. All three of…

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