Route History / Bread Crumb Trail

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Real time tracking allows your dispatch center to see where all of your assets are in real time, in that very instant, and updates those locations every 30 seconds. Other companies offer every 1 minute or 5 minute tracking updates. We believe that you need the most up to date data when you need to find your valuable assets.

We also show Real Time Traffic, to help route your deliveries around major traffic, and get them to their destinations quicker, which saves you time and money in fuel costs and labor.

When you need to find out exactly where your assets have been, we can show you on a satellite map, with markers that show the date/time, unit's speed, door status, temperature status, and a link to get the address of that marker's location.

Our device is also equipped with an internal battery that will keep on broadcasting the location to our servers for at least 4 hours after the device's power source has been interrupted. And because of the internal SD card, if there are coverage deadspots, trip information is saved, then transmitted to our servers once a signal is re-acquired.

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