Dwell Time Reports

Dwell Time reports help you see what it is that your drivers are doing, and how much time they are spending at each location. This helps find drivers who will sit at a location for hours until they are ready to unload/load their cargo, and if these drivers are paid by the hour, those costs are non productive, and cost the company profits.

We can give you the following data:

  1. The time from when the truck arrives at the designated location to the time they open the back door.
  2. The time it took them to unload the cargo and close the back door.
  3. The time unit dwells at the location before leaving.

The Following Dwell Reports can be created:

  • One unit, one day (available online view and Excel download)
  • One Unit, multiple days (available as Excel download only)
  • Entire fleet, one day (available as Excel download only)
  • Entire fleet, multiple days (available as Excel download only)

This tool will help you cut down on hourly wages, and also find who is responsible for late deliveries.

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