About Destiny Software

Destiny Software began as a software company that specifically catered to the Security industry but as our clientele increased so did our knowledge and experience. Destiny Patrol Software (Security Software) was specifically designed to manage and improve productivity of security officers while limiting the need to personally micromanage as it is done automatically with our services. We have been servicing the Security industry for 10 years with continuous updates and feature additions which yield improved productivity. With countless satisfied clients we are always looking to expand and improve all aspects of Business.

Using what we have learned from the Security industry we have been able to optimize our services to better suit Asset/Fleet Management. Destiny strives to ensure that all your Assets are managed and provide you the customer with all the information you may desire.


  1. Asset Management
    Our Technology is specifically designed to manage assets/fleet without having to personally micromanage.
  2. Improved Productivity
    With the use of our software you are able to verify work flow and manage your fleet efficiently.
  3. All-In-One Management
    Our Software is designed to take the trouble out of management as all details are at the touch of a fingertip.



Destiny prides itself in being a company that meets and exceeds our customers requests.

Our product is essentially your product and we understand this. Our Service is always evolving with the progression of the industry, which is why we are constantly updating it We understand that the needs of this industry may change and we can and will change with it. If there are certain features our product does not offer please inform us and we will evaluate the value of these features and look to incorporate them int our product.

We here at Destiny understand that our product may not offer everything you could want and to remedy this we are open to suggestions! If you can offer an idea that we deem would be beneficial to all of our clients we will incorporate it as soon as we can with no extra cost to you 
Destiny is also open to the idea that you may want some features specific to your company only to give yourself an edge. We can accommodate this idea and create a custom solution specific to your company only.


The CEO has been involved in the security industry for over 30 years, has a law enforcement background, and has been involved in electronics technology for the same amount of time. Our CTO has over 20 years experience in application development, big data architecture, business intelligence and cryptography. He has led application development teams at several multi-million dollar corporations. The rest of our staff and programmers also have quite extensive backgrounds in programming, technology, and security, which gives us a unique insight on design and logistics issues.


Destiny has been a company since June 30, 2005, and has provided software solutions for the Public Safety, Security, and Law Enforcement Industries, with many clients across the United States, and in 6 other countries that continue to be satisfied clients. We value our reputation and look forward to another 10 years of providing the best solutions for our customers.


Our employees have been with our company for many years, and if you think your standards are high enough to be part of our team, and you have experience in programming, logistics, electronics, or security, please feel free to contact us to hear of any positions that we are looking to fill.