From shipping to delivery, our software services are designed to provide your organization with end to end monitoring. By knowing where vehicles are, and when they are in motion, the difficult job of asset management just became simple. With the use of Destiny Telematics, theft and recovery costs are reduced, cargo theft and spoilage are reduced, and fleet productivity is greatly increased.

Our tracking service was specifically designed for the Security Industry by way of smart devices, and specialized hardware tracking devices for armoured vehicles that transport money and valuables. Now many other service companies that need to track their fleets and assets can benefit from our technology with the addition of our new tracking device and software that monitors data from the target vehicle, while providing realtime alerts.

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Destiny Logistics offers a multitude of features to maximize profits and sustainability.

With the use of GPS satellites and an array of sensors, Destiny is able to maximize work flow and manage your fleet. With the use of specific sensors Destiny can determine the consumption of gasoline, if a driver is speeding, when a door has been opened, etc. These are only a few features that we utilize to optimize your company's future.

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fast and safe

The use of our technology is not only for the safety of your cargo but the safety of your drivers. We utilize GPS satellites to determine where the driver is at all times and esnure that they are driving in the safest means possible. If an unexpected door open occurs outside of designated areas, Management is notified immediately and the driver never has to worry about contact.


Destiny Software is a company that started servicing Law Enforcement Agencies

Destiny Software originated with Security companies and Law Enforcement. With an Origin in this field we established a great background for an ordered structure. We developed new means to manage employees (Security Guards) but through this venture we also developed new means to manage assets.

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Destiny Offers a multitude of features that are proven to improve effiecieny and profits

With about 10 years experience servicing the demanding Security industry, Destiny is able to satisfy 99% of all requests. Destiny is a company that is always trying to improve itself which means we provide updates to create an improved experience for you .

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Destiny provides an easy alternative to asset management

With the use of our technology we are able to provide your company real time analysis of your assets. With the use of GPS and exterior sensors, we are able to provide your company with the most accurate information on how your assets are performing.

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2180 S Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 92802

Destiny Software Corporate Offices are located in Anaheim, Ca.

Destiny Software has been located in Southern California since inception in 2005.